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  • What is the expected delivery timeframe for pre-ordered EQUAD?
    We anticipate delivering pre-ordered EQUAD within 10-12 months from the date of your order.
  • Can I customize the specifications of my EQUAD, such as battery capacity or color?
    At this time, we offer standard configurations for our pre-sale. Customization options may be available in the future.
  • Is my pre-order refundable if I change my mind before delivery?
    For the presale, the deposit of $100 payment option can be refundable while $1,000 payment option will be not. However, $1,000 deposit payment option gives more discount on the vehicle price which can be a better option.
  • What warranty coverage is provided for pre-ordered EQUAD?
    All EQUADs come with 12 months manufacturer's warranty which is 6 months longer than any other ATVs offer. Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, damaged parts, and labor fees.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    The presale is focused on the US and Mexico customers only at this time. The shipping fee per unit is $500 for both US and Mexico regions.
  • Will I be notified about updates or changes regarding my pre-order?
    Yes, we will regularly provide updates via email regarding production progress, estimated delivery dates, and any significant developments.
  • Can I transfer my pre-order to someone else if I change my mind?
    Yes, you can transfer your pre-order to another person before the product ships. Contact our customer support for assistance with the transfer process.
  • Are replacement parts and accessories available for pre-ordered EQUADs?
    Yes, we offer a range of replacement parts and accessories specifically designed for our EQUAD covered by the 12 months warranty.
  • Is the EQUAD eligible for government incentives or tax credits?
    Electric vehicle incentives and tax credits may be available in some regions. We recommend checking with your local authorities for details.
  • What if a problem is diagnosed with my EQUAD
    If there are any issues with your EQUAD, reach out to us from your Livaq Adventure App, or at Our team will do our best to work with you to solve the problem.
  • What happens next when I place an order?
    When you place an order to reserve your EQUAD, a confirmation email will be sent to you. You will also be updated with the production schedules, delivery estimate and follow-up via email.
  • What are the dimensions of the EQUAD?
    As mentioned in the product specifications page, the dimensions are: Length - 84.2 inches Width - 49.6 inches Height - 51.5 inches Weight - 595.2 kg Tire dimensions - 27 inches x 9-11 inches
  • How fast can EQUAD go?
    The EQUAD is estimated to reach a top speed of around 67mph, the fastest electric ATV in the world!
  • How far can EQUAD travel on a single charge?
    The estimated range on a single charge is 170 miles which is longer than any other ATVs. We provide the maximum range in the product specifications.
  • Which is more expensive to operate - an electric ATV compared to a traditional gas-powered ATV?
    Electric ATV wins! The cost of recharge of the EQUAD is only $4, which will let you save $8,102 in annual gas savings. Plus, less maintenance is required for an electrical vehicle parts compared to a traditional combustion engine which also lets you save more on keeping the vehicle.

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